Who We Are

Minion Army
Feared locally. Respected Nationally.

More than anything else, Team Minion and the Minion Army is about doing the right things the right way. We believe that to reach the highest levels of wrestling – and life – the individual needs to be challenged on a consistent and routine basis.

There is no other sport that challenges a person like wrestling.

Thus, many moons ago, a few guys from Georgia began calling themselves GNWA, and started taking their kids all over the country seeking the best competition.

And each year that number grew, until we were no longer a few, but a Minion Army.

Team Minion: A History

2008 -

You could call this the GNWA days…. GNWA was loosely formed out of a group of people that came to the same conclusion, Team GA Wrestling was only interested in making money off the youth wrestlers and growing the numbers of youth kids paying into the system. They wanted more weight classes, more tournaments, more State Qualifiers, more State Champions. We wanted to make wrestling better. These two philosophical differences led Mike Gianfala and Pete Statia; former TGA Executive Board members, to resign from TGA and find a better way to make the State better. This began by planning out of State trips to individual wrestling tournaments. One of the first trips was Rhino Extreme in 2008 where GNWA won a decisive victory as a Team.

2009 -

Pete began the weekend trips to Ohio and Pennsylvania. Kingsport 2009 showed a huge improvement. GA Elite (GNWA) made it into the Gold pool and got beaten by Indiana to place 6th overall.

2010 -

The Team Minion idea grew as an extension of the GNWA organization which was primarily focused on bringing anyone that wanted to go on the individual trips. After a huge setback, primarily because three kids didn’t show up to compete at the AAU Elementary School Duals in 2010 the Black Team took 10th and the Green Team took 18th, it got us thinking. Mike and Pete decided to do well in April at Kingsport as a team we needed to bond as a team throughout the year. The High School GNWA kids had a mascot of a gorilla, called the GoRilla’s. We choose to be Minion’s; with Cliff Fretwell’s artistic ability the Minion logo was born. Team Minion became the Dual Team and The Minion Army became the organization / Team Name for individual events.

2011 -

Lots more activity this year,  once a month Pete was taking kids up north and Mike had a Dual planned. Team Minion had its best showing ever at Kingsport 4th and 6th. The Minion Team defeated the second PA and Iowa teams for the first time ever… we opened some eyes that year.

2012 -

2012 was an interesting year. This was the first year where the majority of the original wrestlers would not be able to return to Kingsport. This was the first test of the grand experiment, could Team Minion survive at Kingsport with a new group of wrestlers?  Not only did the Team survive up there they placed 4th and 11th  overall. The competition schedule was working to forge these kids into teams that could wrestle with the best in the country. Two years in a row put everyone on notice, GA wrestling is a force to be reckoned with.

2013 -

Wrestlefest began this season, despite Team GA doing everything in their power to stop it. A brutal schedule was planned this wrestling season. This was the first year Mike and Pete separated and hit two major team events, Wildwood, NJ and the NuWay Nationals Dual. To end the 2013 season with a bang Team Minion becomes the first team from the South to win AAU Elementary School Duals at Kingsport, TN. Previously the best any southern team had done was 4th…. yes it was us too.

Team Minion Leadership